Magnifying the raw material,
enhancing the gesture, valuing people.

In praise of authenticity.
The extraordinary story of an exceptional butter, told by the people behind it… Those who rear the cattle, produce, manufacture, use, and express their pride and passion. From simple gestures to an exceptional product: a story of commitment. Of its partners to quality. Of its brands to their contributors and users.

Parallels between everyday gestures and ancestral expertise; contrasts between authenticity and exceptional creations, to tell the story of a simple yet exacting product. The virtuous circle of passionate contributors, from field to table, with each person’s work helping to craft this exceptional butter.
Magnifying the raw material, enhancing the gesture, valuing people.

The agency decided to pay tribute to this exceptional butter by highlighting the importance of each step in the manufacturing process, from breeding to catering. The teams went to meet the farmer in Poitou-Charentes, the butter master in Surgères, and two bakers and pastry makers; while also visiting the Château of the Baron of Lescure and the production plants. Goal: telling the story of the brand through those who shape it. Bonus: new storytelling, films, brand iconography and a dedicated website.

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Photographer: Julien Mota

Expertises: image strategy and art direction, copywriting and storytelling, film directing and production, website creation, shoot

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