The team

Jérôme Hue, Founder and CEO of OMEDIA, and his partners are surrounded by creative craftsmen and women who shape the agency’s identity with their passion and individuality.

OMEDIA is an expert and multicultural agency bringing together talented profiles from all corners of the globe. Here, we draw inspiration from each other’s differences.

Jérôme Hue,

CEO and Creative Director


In the galaxy of founding chairmen who have led their communication company to the top for more than 20 years, Jérôme Hue is a happy man. Behind his smart, incisive and determined manner lies a man who is disarmingly simple: at the head of OMEDIA, he “does the job”, like an anti-star, and he loves this job because it allows him to indulge his passion: art, culture, beauty, and because his driving force is human contact.

An entrepreneur at heart, he founded his agency OMEDIA in the 90s and… did not wait for the vogue of digital agencies to get into digital. Cultured, sensitive and intuitive, passionate: he is hungry, hungry for talent, beauty, creativity, differences, singularity, innovation, ideas. With all his senses alert, all his antennae out, he captures the avant-garde, breathes in the air of the times, spots all the signs that are going to make modernity, whether in design, art, literature, music, technology, or even decoration, fashion, gastronomy, luxury.

Moreover, the OMEDIA agency is the perfect mirror of Jérôme Hue’s vision and ambition. A young and multicultural team, singular personalities, citizens of the world, an eclectic mix of experts and partners.

For these prestigious luxury, beauty and lifestyle brands, as well as internally, Jérôme Hue shares his favourite ideas, instills innovative and disruptive ideas that inspire and drive action, and invites imagination, audacity and creativity.


75008 PARIS
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