A communication agency dedicated to luxury brands

Shaping brands and helping them to create a unique and distinctive identity at the heart of their strategy.

Driven by its founder, Jérôme Hue – entrepreneur and aesthete – the agency has remained true to his visionary approach.Meticulous thought underpins all our convictions.

Here, talented people from all corners of the globe rub shoulders in a multicultural environment thriving on creativity. Their differences are an inspiration.

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Our vision

Our conviction: the strength of a vision.

A brand vision fuelled by a culture of luxury and shaped by our personal and professional experiences.
A conviction forged by our sensitivity to the stories and values of each brand, combined with our own curiosity. By our ability to break down the barriers between all sectors, ranging from fashion and beauty to art, architecture, design and gastronomy.
We cultivate an approach that combines beauty, expertise and simplicity: the keys to luxury.
Our trademark? Pared-back sophistication, aesthetic perfection and understated elegance, all reflected in our creative ideas.

Because a brand’s success depends on the strength of a vision, which alone creates value.

Excellence in
the creative arts

How do you transcend your values and individuality? How do you express your timelessness? How can you be different while staying true to yourself?
Our answer: invent the uninvented, try the untried, imagine the unimaginable – and then do it. In your way and at your pace. We are the artists and craftsmen of your dreams. Doing it differently.

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Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2018 (major French Award for Luxury)

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Brand Book

Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2016 (major French Award for Luxury)

Erwin Olaf x Ruinart

Brand content Award

Helena Rubinstein Brand Book

Luxury Agency of the Year 2014 Award

Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2010

Launch of Hermès Voyage

Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2010

Magazine Lancel (mention)



Omedia also takes a realistic and practical perspective, and strives to look at the world as it is. It has an entrepreneurial way of “being in the world”. For 20 years, Omedia has expressed its commitment to building a more open, more human and more kindly world: first through Les Frimousses des Créateurs for Unicef, followed by its support for the association Paris tout p’tits for babies at risk of malnutrition in Paris.