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On the eve of its centenary, the Grande Dame of Marrakech is taking the bold step of writing a new chapter in its history with Omedia. More resplendent than ever and supported by the creation of its new digital and e-commerce platform, La Mamounia is reopening its doors.

La piscine et la terrasse de La Mamounia
Vue desktop et mobile du site de réservation de La Mamounia

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Vue tablette du site de La Mamounia

The wonder
of modernity

With a strong culture of service and taking advantage of the renovation of the place, the agency asserts the singular identity of the famous Moroccan Palace. Omedia thus imagined a magazine-like concept in pure harmony with the myth to bring it into this new era.
Through a complete UX overhaul and the implementation of a redesigned interface, the new platform allows for the pedagogy of offers and experiences while reaffirming the structuring pillars of the hotel and enhancing the branding for effective storytelling.

The best of tradition

An elegant vision and a lightness of tone that will take you on a journey full of new sensations, colours and flavours. E-commerce conversion paths optimised by a clear, readable and efficient interface, serving customers, conversion and performance.
The booking site and the e-shop offer an immersive experience that gives substance to the modern and traditional territory of the Palace. Multilingual (English, French, Spanish and simplified Chinese) and multi-device (desktop, tablet and mobile), the site allows for an initiatory and editorial journey via a design entirely redesigned in the manner of a magazine.
In the near future, the digital platform will also host a blog which, through its numerous articles, will be part of the natural referencing (SEO) strategy.

“It is the most lovely spot in the whole world.”
Sir Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1943


Vues desktop du site e-commerce de La Mamounia
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