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Cultivating the sense of sharing and the art of living

Omedia is at the table. The House Christofle entrusts the agency with the creation of its digital campaign through a social media and influence strategy.

The agency highlights the refinement of the art of the table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Epiphany and Valentine's Day.

Sublimating excellence and heritage

Elegance, heritage, conviviality, since 1830, Christofle has been instilling the richness of shared moments where each celebration deserves to be lived with refinement.

Dedicated to the expression of a singular and unique identity and committed to the House, Omedia imagined the creative direction, the creation of visual identity, the production of visual content, the shooting and the influence strategy in order to express the universe of Christofle.


Holiday Season

To present the emblematic references of the parisian goldsmith, the agency stages the precious objects, driven by its expertise and vision in an intimate and refined atmosphere.

Through a chic visual identity, the jewelry, cutlery and decorations are an invitation to conviviality and sharing, but also to discover the French art of living.

A promise of a dream and a witness to the art of living, the Holiday Season campaign, for Instagram, is embodied by Sabina Socol (@sabinasocol), Elsa Salmon (@elsasalmon) and Alice Moireau (@alicemoireau).

« One quality, the best ! »
Charles Christofle, founder

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