The dream team

Jérôme Hue, Founder and CEO of OMEDIA, and his partners are surrounded by creative craftsmen and women who shape the agency’s identity with their passion and individuality.

OMEDIA is an expert and multicultural agency bringing together talented profiles from all corners of the globe. Here, we draw inspiration from each other’s differences.

Jérôme Hue,

CEO and Creative Director


In the galaxy of Founding CEOs having led their communication firm to the top within the space of 20 years, Jérôme Hue is a happy man. His smart, sharp-witted and determined manner belies a disarmingly uncomplicated personality.
Sitting at the helm of OMEDIA, he simply “does his job”, seeking neither praise nor glory. His reward is the opportunity to indulge his passion: art, culture and beauty, and reaching out to the people around him.

That’s all there is to it. A simple, obvious desire. And therein lies his strength.

An entrepreneur at heart, working as a magazine publisher when still very young, he founded OMEDIA in the 90s. He had the foresight to place hi-tech and digital technology at the heart of his communication business, well ahead of the pack. Cultured, sensitive and intuitive, Jérôme Hue is a true aesthete: he is hungry for talent, beauty, creativity, difference, singularity, innovation, ideas and action. Fully alert and constantly on the look-out, he picks up on the avant-garde and on signs of future trends, whether in design, art, literature, music and technology, or even decoration, fashion and gastronomy.

He initiates meetings, shares experiences, detects talent (that of a ceramic artist discovered at the Palais de Tokyo and of a designer met at the flea market). He can’t help it – there’s no way he can let a talented creator pass him by. OMEDIA is the perfect reflection of Jérôme Hue’s vision and ambition: a young and multicultural team, distinctive personalities, citizens of the world, an eclectic mix of experts and partners.

Because Jérôme Hue acts on instinct and from the heart. And you can safely assume that the same goes for the development of the agency and its choice of clients… Jérôme Hue shares his favourite discoveries both with OMEDIA’s prestigious luxury, beauty and lifestyle brands, and in-house. He likes to think out of the box, coming up with innovative and disruptive ideas that can inspire and spur them into action. He encourages the imagination, a bold approach, and creativity.

With a keen taste for the aesthetic, he likes to play the photographer from time to time, in addition to directing films, whether for his own pleasure or for the agency’s brands. In short: today, Jérôme Hue is a happy CEO. He lives in a world that he chose for himself, of his own free will, based on the strictest requirements.