Hermès Fragrances

Image Strategy & Advertising

“Feel the earth, lying on your back, eyes in heaven”
Jean-Claude Ellena

Omedia has been assisting Hermès Fragrances for more than 10 years with the creative thought process surrounding their fragrance launches: creating a unique visual scope of expression and developing a range of ideas to address the brand’s various challenges.

To commemorate the anniversary of the launch of Terre d’Hermès, the agency has signed a daring series between heaven and earth, perfectly illustrated by the words of Jean-Claude Ellena: “Feel the earth, lying on your back, eyes in heaven” and by the will of our creatives to evoke matter and transformation.

Photographer: Mitchell Feinberg

Expertises: image strategy and Art direction, shoot.

flacon allongé dans la terre
flacon debout sur miroir
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