Exceptional Edition

Editorial direction, Conceptual copywriting, Art Direction, Manufacturing

Prestigious publications and heritage collections, press kits and corporate brochures – our talents put your brand into words and instil your story with meaning.

Differentiating editorial strategies, the right word to signal distinctive storytelling: we strive to create meaningful and influential publications.

We preserve and enhance your heritage. Create, investigate, design, conceptualise, write, express an emotion, take a fresh approach to your brand memory to inform the future.

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EDITORIAL AND CONTENT STRATEGY Consulting, concept, angle and editorial promise
STORYTELLING Brand story, tone of voice, stylistic intention, multilingual conceptual copywriting
ICONOGRAPHY Iconographic research and selection, content creation and production
PRESTIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS Brand book, brand heritage publication, magazine, annual report, press kit
MANUFACTURING Sourcing materials and finishes, printing and manufacturing recommendations, negotiation and production