Quality has value: that of Excellence.

Omedia has been supporting Elle & Vire Professionnel with its B2B communication for more than five years. It has turned the spotlight on the brand’s Excellence cream via a social media digital and print campaign. Goal: conveying a strong brand message and asserting the difference of Excellence.

Expertises : communication concept, artistic direction, digital social media campaign & print, shooting

Our approach:

1. Communicating the commitments of Excellence cream. An authentic message in the style of a brand promise: “Quality has value: that of Excellence”.

2. Taking a quirky, innovative approach in expressing all its values, which make it so valuable. Because, beyond rational arguments (product benefits, sourcing, etc.), emotional values are also crucial: constant quality in all seasons (the cream’s stability), finding the ideal partner (the favourite cream of chefs), all-round use (in sweet and savoury recipes), full volume (best whipping ratio), and authenticity (100% French milk and made in Normandy).

The agency decided to illustrate the values of Excellence in a humorous way, involving its users. Excellence cream has always been a trusted partner for chefs, bakers and pastry makers. It is their favourite. Who better than them can speak of its value?! We gave the floor to the brand’s partners, ambassadors and customers. They played along and helped us produce unique content with a strong impact. An influential campaign rolled out on social media.


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