A new digital editorial line targeting a community of younger, more fashionable women.

Arthus Bertrand chose Omedia to revive the brand with a very committed vision based on honorific distinction. Based on this new identity, Omedia has developed a specific social media strategy.

Between unique savoir-faire, iconic products and fashion jewellery, the agency has defined the new digital editorial line of this famous maker of medals and decorations, targeting a community of younger, more fashionable women.

The idea was firstly to create a founding, inclusive, unique and enduring concept that would generate instant visibility, brand awareness and commitment. Following that, the goal was to create visuals capturing the spirit of the time, finding the words that bring people together, and creating these synergies with cutting-edge, captivating influencers.

The agency’s conviction: beyond its reputation and the amplification of a message, an influential approach through content and the creation of a special, authentic relationship with influential members to maximise long-term performance.

More than 4,000 followers have already joined the community in six months.

Expertise: digital, social media, influence strategy, brand content, shooting, partnerships

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